One of the greatest tragedies in the criminal justice system is the conviction of a person for a crime he or she did not commit. Erroneous convictions can have immeasurable consequences for exonerates, original crime victims and their families.

There are several factors that often lead to these wrongful convictions. These include:

  • Eyewitness misidentification
  • False confessions or admissions
  • Government misconduct
  • Inadequate defense
  • Informants (e.g., jailhouse snitches)
  • Unvalidated or improper forensic science

Whether you’re a state public defender or a private attorney, or seeking for help, you’ll benefit by working with Zoom Investigations. We will go above and beyond to spot the important details others might have missed. We want to make attorney’s job easier. Our capable team will:

  • Review your criminal defense case in detail
  • Take a closer look at interviews and testimonies
  • Consider any additional evidence

We conduct complex investigations ranging but not limited to homicides, sexual abuse, rapes, theft.