We serve any and all legal documents. Through our software partner, we provide GPS location and a photograph of the address on every attempt and successful service.

Each job is tracked in real time and every attempt, non-service, and successful service is available for viewing. Affidavits, GPS coordinates, and photos can be all viewed .


Pricing for Process Service



Standard Service Rate $150.00  (3-7 business days, 2 Attempts) 3rd additional attempt is $35
Priority Service Rate $200.00 (2-3 business days; includes 2 attempts)
Next Day Service $220.00
Same Day Service $350.00
Skip Trace $70.00
Occupancy Checks $85.00
Surveillance Service When a defendant avoids service, we offer surveillance service at $120.00 per hour.


When we perform a skip trace we collect as much information about the subject as possible. We have access to proprietary investigative databases that provide real time information. We also search all public records, run license and registration checks and have a proprietary search engine to perform online research.

Our service includes notarized affidavit of service. We always communicate regarding the best time of service to reach the fastest and less costly result. After service, we will email you signed, ready – to – file, proof or service.
If by any chance service is not possible, we will give you detailed explanation of why and a signed declaration of diligent attempts.


• Each address is a separate charge.
• Additional charge may apply for remote areas.
• Additional fees my apply for the mileage ( if subject remains over 25 miles from the home office).

To begin service, please submit the form below or email documents together with the name and address of the person or entity to be served to info@zoominvestigations.com