Attorneys and private investigators have been working together to build cases for decades. The pressure of bringing a court case to fruition falls to the attorney, but there are many instances where a private investigator can strengthen a case and become one of the most important members of the defense team.

Relying on private investigators to assist attorneys with a lot of legal work on building cases saves a lot of time. This way attorneys can focus on working with clients, writing statements, and preparing for their day in court. Handing off research and investigation to someone whose main focus is research and investigation will free up lawyer’s time and leave that work to “the experts.”

We assist attorneys with:

  • Taking and documenting professional crime scene photos
  • Reviewing information and conducting a crime scene examination
  • Interviewing witnesses and conducting background investigations
  • Looking for flaws or oversights in the police or coroner investigation
  • Identifying additional witnesses
  • Looking for exculpatory evidence
  • Providing trial preparation support
  • Finding people who are essential to a trial

The purpose of hiring a private investigator is to come into possession of enough, and accurate enough, facts/evidence to win the case.

We provide investigative services to Lawyers/Legal Profession and the General Public.